Product Spotlight: Simplex PowerStar 110 Load Bank


The Simplex PowerStar Portable Load Bank is an essential tool for generator set dealers and service providers. It is ideally-suited for testing of small engine-generators, whether in the service shop or out in the field. The PowerStar load bank can also be networked with other PowerStar load banks to allow testing of larger generators! The … Read more

Simplex Introduces Vector Series Load Bank for Enclosed Generators


Simplex is expanding its product line with the addition of a new load bank for generators installed in weatherproof enclosures. The Vector Series load bank is designed for rooftop mounting on enclosed generator sets that feature vertical exhaust air. The Vector load bank mounts over the air exhaust opening and is cooled by the radiator air … Read more

What is the right load bank size?


Permanently-installed generator load banks are a great way to identify potential issues before they cause serious problems. When discussing the selection of a load bank, I am often asked what load bank rating should be specified for a given generator. Here is my approach to the question of load bank ratings.

Introducing the Infinity 200 – A new load bank from Simplex

Infinity Load Bank

If your company offers generator test services, we have some good news for you!  Simplex has just added the Infinity 200 to its family of small portable load banks.  This load bank is rated 200kw at 240v/480v, 3-phase (150kw at 208v/416v 3-phase, and 133kw at 240v, 1-phase).  All controls are via a hand-held touchscreen controller, … Read more