Simplex fuel ports are now FDEP-approved for leak detection.

Simplex recently received an expanded approval from Florida’s Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) for its line of Automatic Fuel Tank Filling Systems.  The Automatic FuelPort and SmartPump product lines are now approved to perform “leak detection” functions on above-ground storage tanks.  This means that you may no longer need a separate device to monitor for interstitial leaks in a fuel tank.  You … Read more

Are you familiar with these Simplex fuel port variants?

FuelPort Collage

Simplex fuel fill stations are used to fill fuel tanks from a remote location, allowing an easy point-of-connection for the delivery truck, while providing a safe manner to conduct the filling operation. While you may be familiar with Simplex’ FuelPort and SmartPump products, are you aware of these variants for special installations?