Application Focus: Perma-Pipe Ultra-FS for Process Piping Systems


Perma-Pipe’s ULTRA-FS™ piping is ideally-suited for process piping systems in pharmaceuticals facilities, waste-water treatment plants, and other facilities handling corrosive or otherwise hazardous fluids. ULTRA-FS™ is a prefabricated, secondary containment piping system consisting of a fiberglass-clad steel conduit protecting inner service pipe(s). This system is very rugged and suitable for installation below grade with no … Read more

Product Spotlight: Multi-Therm® Pre-Insulated Pipe System


Perma-Pipe’s Multi-Therm® pre-insulated piping systems are used to transport high-temperature liquids and gases in commercial and industrial applications. Multi-Therm® 750 Supreme is designed for use in underground hot water and steam applications up to 750°F. This product features aerogel insulation formed from 3% silica solids with 97% air in extremely-small nano-pores. This highly-efficient insulation means … Read more

Perma-Pipe Receives FDEP Approval for Ultra-FS Piping System


The Florida Department of Environmental Protection has added Perma-Pipe’s ULTRA-FS piping system to their Approved Equipment List. ULTRA-FS™ is a prefabricated, secondary containment piping system consisting of a fiberglass-clad steel conduit system. It is designed to provide superior strength in fuel-oil piping applications above or below ground.

PAL-AT provides precise leak detection for below-ground pipe systems

Perma-Pipe PAL-AT is a state of the art leak detection cable system that locates potential problems anywhere along a sensor string. The PAL-AT is often provided for secondary contained fuel-oil pipe systems, or any other application where quick and precise leak detection is required. Sensing cables are available to sense the presence of water-based and hydrocarbon-based liquids, or hydrocarbon-sensing only. PAL-AT sensing cables can be air-dried and re-used, are suitable for monitoring for the presence of corrosive chemicals.

New website from Perma-Pipe, Inc.

Perma-Pipe Website

Perma-Pipe’s new website includes easier-to-access product information and technical documentation including case studies, installation guides and engineering specifications. provides sales and engineering support for Perma-Pipe’s district heating & cooling, and environmental applications, as well as PermAlert’s Leak Detection products.  Visit the new website here…