Miratech acquires Vaporphase product line

Miratech® recently announced that it has acquired the intellectual property of Vaporphase, a supplier of heat recovery systems for reciprocating engines in North America, with over 3,000 units produced over their 75 year history. The addition of Vaporphase improves Miratech’s position in the market for Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plants. The Vaporphase product line includes both … Read more

Miratech’s prescription for NESHAP compliance: The RX Series


Miratech’s RX Catalyst-Silencer Combo units are designed for natural gas, propane and diesel stationary engine applications. These housings bring together a cost-effective, high-performance catalytic converter and a noise abatement system. Why use the RX Series? eliminates the need for separate catalyst and silencer housings. The RX combo provides emissions reduction and noise reduction, in a … Read more

Miratech AT-IV – Active DPF, DOC and SCR system for emissions reduction


The new MIRATECH AT-IV active Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), DOC, and SCR system is the next advancement in pollution control.  It is a truly revolutionary concept that combines leading technologies from MIRATECH® and RYPOS in a single housing.  Highlights include a self-regenerating particulate filter system, as well as an exhaust gas temperature management system to enhance … Read more

Miratech addition brings emission-control solutions to Hurtado.cc


Hurtado.cc has joined the newly-formed Miratech Group as sales representative for customers in Florida and Puerto Rico. Earlier this year, Miratech combined with Phillips and Temro to form a new entity offering a full suite of emission and acoustic solutions for industrial engines. New products available from Hurtado.cc include Miratech’s catalysts, control and monitoring systems as well as custom … Read more

MIRATECH and Phillips & Temro Industries’ Silencing Division forming a new company

MIRATECH and Phillips & Temro Industries’ Silencing Division are forming a new company that will be called MIRATECH Group, LLC.  The company will remain headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma and will continue to do business as MIRATECH.  Boston-based Audax Private Equity acquired MIRATECH on May 9, 2014 and acquired Phillips & Temro Industries in 2012.  Read … Read more