Miratech’s prescription for NESHAP compliance: The RX Series


Miratech’s RX Catalyst-Silencer Combo units are designed for natural gas, propane and diesel stationary engine applications. These housings bring together a cost-effective, high-performance catalytic converter and a noise abatement system. Why use the RX Series? eliminates the need for separate catalyst and silencer housings. The RX combo provides emissions reduction and noise reduction, in a … Read more

Miratech AT-IV – Active DPF, DOC and SCR system for emissions reduction


The new MIRATECH AT-IV active Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), DOC, and SCR system is the next advancement in pollution control.  It is a truly revolutionary concept that combines leading technologies from MIRATECH® and RYPOS in a single housing.  Highlights include a self-regenerating particulate filter system, as well as an exhaust gas temperature management system to enhance … Read more

Miratech addition brings emission-control solutions to Hurtado.cc


Hurtado.cc has joined the newly-formed Miratech Group as sales representative for customers in Florida and Puerto Rico. Earlier this year, Miratech combined with Phillips and Temro to form a new entity offering a full suite of emission and acoustic solutions for industrial engines. New products available from Hurtado.cc include Miratech’s catalysts, control and monitoring systems as well as custom … Read more

Struggling with RICE NESHAP?

If you are searching for a quick guide on how to comply with the latest EPA requirements affecting diesel and gas engines, jump over to OnSitePowerAdvisor.com.  There you will find a Handy Guide on the rule itself, plus helpful tools to get you into compliance.