Product Spotlight: Simplex PetroPod


The PetroPod is the latest offering by Simplex in its line of fuel systems for mission-critical facilities. The PetroPod provides a comprehensive system with built-in fuel management, fuel transfer, and fuel quality control functions to ensure reliable supply of diesel fuel to emergency generators. The Simplex PetroPod is customized to meet job-specific requirements for projects … Read more

How to Specify: FTI Fuel Filtration System

A Fuel Technologies International automated diesel fuel maintenance system is designed with an integral fuel transfer pump, PLC-based controls and quality fuel filtration elements to remove contaminants and water from stored fuel. All FTI systems are FM-approved and UL-508 listed. Here are our recommended steps for specifying a Fuel Technologies International fuel filtration system: Follow … Read more

Perma-Pipe Receives FDEP Approval for Ultra-FS Piping System


The Florida Department of Environmental Protection has added Perma-Pipe’s ULTRA-FS piping system to their Approved Equipment List. ULTRA-FS™ is a prefabricated, secondary containment piping system consisting of a fiberglass-clad steel conduit system. It is designed to provide superior strength in fuel-oil piping applications above or below ground.

Meet the PermAlert Leak Detection Product Line

Liquid Watch II is pleased to announce its appointment as PermAlert’s representative for leak detection products for use in fuel-oil applications. PermAlert offers two stand-alone products for leak detection in fuel-oil distribution lines, fuel tanks and fuel containment sumps. These products are approved by the Florida Department of Environmental protection (FDEP EQ#091). Learn more…