Product Spotlight: Multi-Therm® Pre-Insulated Pipe System

Perma-Pipe’s Multi-Therm® pre-insulated piping systems are used to transport high-temperature liquids and gases in commercial and industrial applications.

Multi-Therm® 750 Supreme is designed for use in underground hot water and steam applications up to 750°F. This product features aerogel insulation formed from 3% silica solids with 97% air in extremely-small nano-pores. This highly-efficient insulation means that its required thickness is typically 50% to 80% less than other high temperature insulation materials. Aerogel has an insulation K-factor 2-times better than mineral wool, 3-times better than calcium silicate and 4-times better than perlite. A smaller pipe cross section leads to a more compact piping system, which translates to substantial space savings (think smaller burial trenches and less disruption to nearby utilities) and cost savings during installation.

This TechNote compares insulation thickness, conduit size and heat losses between Multi-Therm® 750 Supreme, and conventional insulation materials like mineral wool and cellular glass.

Another major benefit of aerogel insulation is its hydrophobic quality (its ability to repel liquid water). By naturally repelling water, the aerogel insulation minimizes issues with service pipe corrosion and contributes to a longer life for overall piping system.

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