Product Spotlight: La Marche and Telecom Applications

La Marche integrated DC Power systems provide power needs for telecom, cable and microwave networks. For over 70 years, La Marche has delivered customized systems to suit any telecom application. Here are highlights for three of La Marche’s most popular products in the telecom market segment.

LTP Telecom Power System

The LTP Series is a wall & rack-mount system designed to provide DC voltage to a load while charging external batteries. This flexible system can accommodate rectifiers or inverters. If the AC mains supply fails, then the batteries will supply power to the load. The LTP system is suitable for charging many types of batteries and can also be used as a direct power supply without batteries. Rectifiers are rated 7.5A each (at 48VDC).

The modular and scalable design with hot-pluggable rectifier and inverter modules assures low mean-time-to-repair. See a sample LTP system here.

Standard features include:
  • 19″ Rack or wall-mount design (23″ rack-mount optional)
  • High-frequency switch-mode circuitry
  • Universal power input range (102-264VAC)
  • Power factor >0.99
  • Efficiency >90%
  • Forced load sharing
  • Modular, hot-pluggable rectifier design
  • Slots for four (4) rectifier modules
  • Battery charge control
  • Load and battery current monitoring
  • Integrated load distribution via GMT fuses (terminals optional)
  • Form “C” dry alarm contacts
  • LED status indicators
  • LCD display
  • 2-year warranty

LmPower DC Power System

The LMP Series offers a compact 48VDC power system with high performance rectifiers available in 3 different configurations: LMP-100A (1RU), LMP-200A (5RU) and LMP-400A (6RU).

Each system relies on hot-swappable, high-efficiency, R50 1RU 3000W (50A) rectifiers at 96% efficiency. The system features a controller with an embedded I/O interface equipped with digital inputs, dry contact alarm outputs and temperature sensor input ports. In addition, the system offers intelligent battery management, remote access, and a rectifier hibernation/cycling function for increased efficiency.

Standard features include:
  • 19″ or 23″ Rack-mount design
  • High-frequency switch-mode circuitry
  • Universal power input range (85-300VAC)
  • Power factor >0.99
  • Efficiency >96% peak
  • Wide operating temperature range (-40°C to 65°C)
  • Modular, hot-swappable design
  • Rectifier hibernation function for increased system efficiency
  • Intelligent battery management and protection includes battery temperature compensation
  • Support environmental signal monitoring and remote management via dry contact, serial or ethernet interface
  • Load distribution breakers
  • 2-year warranty.

A36D Rectifier/Power Supply System

The La Marche A36D Series has many inherent advantages such as voltage regulation, high efficiency, high power factor and short circuit protection. These chargers provide separate adjustable voltages for floating or equalizing lead or nickel-cadmium cells. An equalize switch is located on the front panel of the charger for manual activation, or a multi-mode electronic timer can be used for automatic activation. Steady state output voltage remains within +/- 1/2% of the setting from no load to full load and for AC input voltages within +/- 10% of the nominal input voltage.

The Model A36D is internally filtered to be no greater than 32dBrn (“C” message weighting) and 30 millivolts RMS for all conditions on input voltage and output load, with or without batteries connected. This allows the A36D to be used as a battery eliminator.

The A36D may also be used as part of UPS systems for compliance with the UL-1481 fire protective signaling standard, making them ideal for central station and critical alarm system protection.

Standard features include:
  • UL-1012 and UL-1481 compliant
  • 19″ rack or wall-mount design
  • Controlled ferro-resonant technology
  • LCD display for normal and alarm condition monitoring and field-configuration
  • Available in 1-phase and 3-phase configurations
  • DC ratings available from 15-400 amps
  • Efficiency up to 90%
  • Load sharing with identical La Marche A36D units
  • Temperature compensation
  • Full suite of protective features including current limiting, current “walk-in”, AC/DC breakers, and alarm relay contacts
  • MTBF (as tested by Bell Communications Standard TR-TSY-000332): 225,000 hours at 50C
  • Convection-cooled design
  • 5-year warranty
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