Product Spotlight: La Marche EBI Enhanced Battery Informer

The Enhanced Battery Informer is a permanently-installed test and monitoring device for mission-critical battery systems. The EBI goes beyond a simple battery monitor as it can identify problems in the battery, while also monitoring the integrity of the charger and the connected critical load.

The EBI can monitor up to two parallel lead-acid battery strings and can produce test reports that compare performance-over-time vs a baseline test. The easy-to-understand interface provides “Good/Warning/Fail” indication after each test, and the data-logging features provides useful trend data to analyze periodically.

The Enhanced Battery Informer is available in several models covering battery strings of 24, 48 and 130VDC with capacities ranging from 25 to 1000 ampere hours. Like most La Marche products, SCADA connectivity is provided via optional DNP3 and Modbus protocols.

Key highlights:

  • Online test system means that the battery and battery charger are never disconnected from the load.
  • The programmable auto test interval (adjustable 1-120 days) saves time for facility personnel previously tasked with manually monitoring battery condition.
  • On-board data logging allows facility personnel to drill down into battery condition trends over time.

Typical applications for the EBI can be found in any facility with mission-critical battery systems that require periodic testing to anticipate and prevent imminent battery failures. Examples are switchgear station batteries and engine-start systems for emergency generators.

The EBI Enhanced Battery Informer is manufactured by La Marche Mfg. Co., an ISO-9001 certified company, proudly designing and building DC power systems in Des Plaines, Illinois, USA.

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