Product Spotlight: Chemical and Methanol Tanks

Chemical and methanol tanks are two of General Industries‘ specialties. Steel chemical tanks for storing methanol, sodium hydroxide and sulfuric acid can be horizontal or vertical, cylindrical or rectangular, single wall or double wall, and may be fabricated from carbon or stainless steel.

Methanol Storage Tank

Methanol storage tanks are fabricated per recognized standards like UL 142, UL-2085 or the API-650 standard. These steel tanks are commonly found at waste water treatment plants, where the methanol is used in the nutrient removal process.

Sodium hydroxide tanks are also commonly found at waste water treatment plants and are typically fabricated per the API-650 standard. The calculated steel thickness of the tank is usually increased by 1/8” to 1/4” due to the corrosive nature of sodium hydroxide, and these tanks often receive post-weld heat treatment.

Sulfuric acid tanks are also installed at waste water treatment plants and other industrial applications. Carbon steel reacts with 93% to 98% sulfuric acid to form a protective coating on the steel tank. Preventing moisture from entering the sulfuric acid tank is typically accomplished by using a desiccant dryer system.

General Industries, located in Goldsboro, North Carolina, has the capacity to manufacture tanks up to 75,000 gallons, and can design and fabricate tanks to meet virtually any set of specifications.

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