Product Spotlight: La Marche ARBS Battery Selector

La Marche ARBS Battery Selector

The La Marche Automatic Redundant Battery Selector (ARBS) is a solid-state device that controls redundant power in engine starting switchgear applications. This product is designed with high-power diodes to select the higher voltage of the two isolated DC power sources. The ARBS selects power from the best available battery while isolating the alternate battery bank. The special heat sink diode assembly is manufactured to handle high output requirements with safety margin to spare.

Standard features include:

  • Fully Automatic
  • Surge Protection
  • Convection-cooled
  • Isolation From One Battery to Another
  • Diodes Designed to Carry 100% of the Starter/Load
  • Two Diodes, Common Cathode
  • Finished in ANSI 61 Gray
  • One-year Warranty

Also available with advanced “Source Control and Monitoring” features.

When equipped with the optional control circuitry for “Source Control and Monitoring”, the ARBS allows for manual selection of sources and the ability to cycle them on a set schedule, if desired. This optional package also includes alarm contacts to indicate the state of each source as well as a general fault alarm. The LCD display is used to show the voltages of both sources and any alarms present. The two green LEDs on the front provide a quick reference in regards to the source availability.

The ARBS Automatic Redundant Battery Selector is manufactured by La Marche Mfg. Co., an ISO-9001 certified company, proudly designing and building DC power systems in Des Plaines, Illinois, USA.

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