How to Specify: Simplex Load Bank

Simplex stationary load banks provide a permanently-installed electrical load for testing of diesel emergency generators. Simplex manufacturers stationary load banks of any load rating, resistive and/or inductive, for voltage applications up to 15kV. This article will help you select and specify the correct load bank for your application.

Here are our recommended steps for specifying a Simplex load bank:

  1. Follow the table below to identify the load capacity, type of load bank, and voltage applicable to your project.
  2. Download the pertinent Guide Specifications for the selected load bank model. You may insert these specifications into your electrical plans, or into your specifications book (typically under the Division 26 “Engine-Generators” section).
  3. Edit the specifications to include any requirements specific to your project (feel free to contact our office to discuss special requirements such as the inclusion of service disconnects, circuit breakers, transfer switches, etc.).
Load RatingVoltageTypeModel
200-650kWup to 600VacResistiveNeptuneGuide SpecificationsData Sheet
700-1250kWup to 600VacResistiveMarsGuide SpecificationsData Sheet
500-1250kWup to 15kVResistiveMars-HVGuide SpecificationsData Sheet
1400-3200kWup to 600VacResistiveSaturnGuide SpecificationsData Sheet
1400-3000kWup to 15kVResistiveSaturn-HVGuide SpecificationsData Sheet
300-1500kVAup to 600VacResistive/InductiveTitanGuide SpecificationsData Sheet
2000kW+up to 600VacCustom Resistive and/or InductiveCustomContact for Custom Specification DevelopmentCustom

Learn more about load banks and how they are applied to emergency generator installations:

For additional support with a custom requirement, give us a call – we’re ready to help!

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