How to Specify: Simplex Radiator-mounted Load Bank

Simplex radiator-mounted load banks (available in ratings up to 1250kW, up to 600Vac) provide the means to conveniently test an emergency generator by having the load bank permanently installed and connected to the generator. A Simplex LBD Series load bank is a very cost-effective solution because it relies on the engine radiator’s airflow for cooling (no fan/motor required). Additionally, having a permanently-installed load bank eliminates the need to repeatedly rent a portable load bank and manage their temporary connections.

Take these 3-steps to specify a Simplex LBD Series radiator-mounted load bank:

  1. Submit this form with your project details. Technical specifications and drawings will be prepared and returned to you promptly.
  2. Review and insert the specifications into the pertinent Division 26 section.
  3. Insert the equipment drawing(s) into your electrical plans. Done!

    Please attach any supporting documents or drawings to assist us in processing your request (6MB limit, PDF, JPG or TIFF files only):

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