How to Specify: FTI Fuel Filtration System

A Fuel Technologies International automated diesel fuel maintenance system is designed with an integral fuel transfer pump, PLC-based controls and quality fuel filtration elements to remove contaminants and water from stored fuel. All FTI systems are FM-approved and UL-508 listed.

Here are our recommended steps for specifying a Fuel Technologies International fuel filtration system:

  1. Follow this link to locate the product specifications, which are determined by the storage tank’s fuel capacity. The specifications are listed under Facility Fuel Systems -> Guideline Specifications. Insert the appropriate specifications into your plans, or into your specifications book (typically under the “Facility Fuel Systems” section).
  2. Edit the specifications to include any requirements specific to your project, such as the number of tanks (if a multiple tank installation) and optional features such as provisions for Modbus communication.
  3. Follow this link to download and insert the appropriate drawing in your mechanical plans. Drawings are published in the Installation Manuals found under Facility Fuel Systems -> Data Sheets/Manuals.

Fuel filtration is one of several factors that impact the reliability of standby power systems. Learn more on this important subject here.

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