How to Specify: Protected Above-Ground Fuel Storage Tank

A General Industries’ Fireguard fuel storage tank is a “Protected” tank design, compliant with UL-2085. These tanks are intended to limit the heat transferred to the primary tank when exposed to a 2-hour hydrocarbon pool fire, and are provided with protection against physical damage from projectile impact and vehicle impact.

These tanks are available in cylindrical or rectangular designs, and also in vertical configurations.

Here are our recommended steps for specifying a General Industries’ Fireguard cylindrical fuel storage tank with a Simplex Automatic Fuel Fill Station:

  1. Download and insert these Above-Ground “Protected” Fuel Storage Tank and Fuel Fill Station specifications into your plans, or into your specifications book (typically under the “Facility Fuel Systems” section).
  2. Select the appropriate tank capacity and download a drawing to insert in your plans.
  3. Include this Simplex Automatic Fuel Fill Station drawing in your mechanical plans.
  4. Done!

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