How to Specify: Simplex Day Tank

A Simplex day tank provides a local fuel source for diesel emergency generators and/or boilers. The Simplex STS Series day tank is a pre-packaged design including controls, transfer pumps and other accessories, pre-installed and tested at the manufacturer’s facility.

Here are our recommended steps for specifying a Simplex STS Series day tank:

  1. Follow this link to download and insert the appropriate drawing in your mechanical plans (drawings are found under the Downloads tab).
  2. Insert these specifications into your plans, or into your specifications book (typically under the “Facility Fuel Systems” or “Engine-Generators” section).
  3. Edit the specifications to include any requirements specific to your project (tank capacity, transfer pump characteristics, optional features such as interface with SCADA systems, etc).

Would you like to learn more about day tanks and how they are applied to emergency generator installations? Check out this article: When is a fuel day tank needed?

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