How to Specify: La Marche A46F Battery Charger

The La Marche A46F battery charger is designed for maintaining and recharging starting batteries on emergency generators. The controlled magnetic amplifier technology provides the highest reliability that is necessary for the continued operation of the emergency standby equipment and eliminates most starting problems by maintaining batteries at a proper charge.

A46F with LCD Display

Here are our recommended steps for specifying a La Marche A46F Battery Charger:

  1. Follow this link for Guideline Product Specifications and insert them into your plans, or into your book specifications (typically under the “Engine-Generators” section).
  2. Product dimensions and weight data can be found here.
  3. For applications using dual battery banks, add specifications for the La Marche Automatic Redundant Battery Selector (ARBS), found here.

A properly applied battery charger is one of several factors that impact the reliability of standby power systems. Learn more on this important subject here.

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