Complete Fuel System Solutions for Florida’s Nursing Home and ALF Emergency Power Rules

If you are a generator vendor or contractor in Florida, you are probably well-aware of Florida’s Nursing Home and ALF Emergency Power Rules. You may also be struggling with the fuel system improvements required for many of these installations. can help you! provides complete solutions to generator vendors and contractors tasked with updating nursing homes and assisted living facilities with additional fuel storage capacity to meet Rules 59A-4.1265 and 58A-5.036, of the Florida Administrative Code.

We know that each of these facilities has unique requirements, and this is why we offer a tailored approach to meet your specific client’s needs. Here are some examples of what we can do for you:

First, let’s review the plans and specifications…
  • will review the project’s plans/specifications to confirm compliance to NFPA and Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) requirements.
  • No plans yet? No problem! For design-build projects, can partner with you to identify the major design elements and assist in the development of plans for permitting and construction.
On to procurement and coordination…
  • After the design elements are settled, product selections, pricing and shop drawings are prepared and forwarded to you for review and approval.
  • We will manage equipment orders to help avoid delays in the project’s schedule.
  • You can expect support for coordination between electrical and mechanical trades.
  • We will provide post-installation documentation (“as-built” drawings, O&M manuals, tank registration documents, etc).
  • We will be happy to visit the site during startup to support you and offer owner training.
What specific components can provide?
  • Fuel storage tanks (any capacity, rectangular, cylindrical, custom-sized, UL-142 or UL-2085). Tanks are provided complete with the required FDEP accessories, access stairs and platforms, internal piping, level controls and alarm monitoring devices. Not a basic tank, but one fully-fitted with the devices needed for your project.
    Simplex Tank Pump Package
    Sample 600 Gal. tank with built-in duplex transfer pump.
  • FDEP-compliant fuel fill stations for offloading from a fuel tanker to one or more fuel tanks.
  • Fuel filtration systems to maintain the fuel quality in bulk storage tanks.
  • Pre-packaged day tanks, complete with accessories designed for your specific project.
  • Pre-packaged fuel-oil transfer pumps, for supply and return to/from one or multiple generators.
  • Fuel level controls to retrofit into existing generator sub-base fuel tanks, furnished with an overflow return pump package when required.
  • Controls for integration of any of the above items to new or existing tanks and generators.

If you are struggling with the fuel system improvements necessary for these projects, we can simplify your job. Just give us a call and we’ll show you how!

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