SmartFilter Improves Fuel Quality from Day One

Fuel quality is of paramount importance to a mission-critical facility such as a hospital or a data center.  You rely on emergency diesel generator sets to quickly come online and stay online throughout a power outage.

These generators are likely connected to a “fuel farm” consisting of multiple large fuel storage tanks, each with several thousand gallons capacity.

Because you are aware that fuel quality is critical for the reliable operation of your newer generation engines, you have taken steps to contract with a reputable fuel supplier to deliver fuel to your site.  But under a severe emergency, will you be forced to accept fuel deliveries from an alternate, lesser-known source?  Will the quality of your new fuel delivery be the same as you have come to expect?


You can take care of this contingency by having equipment on site that will filter the fuel as it is offloaded into your fuel tanks.  This is nothing new, but did you know that you can now procure a system that will combine the functions of an automatic fuel fill station with those of a high-flow automated fuel purification system?

What I am describing is a new variation of the Simplex SmartFilter design, which allows a great level of customization to fit your particular needs.  These are just a few of the typical SmartFilter specifications:

  • Permanent, on-site installation, indoor or outdoor for single or multipe tanks.
  • Multi-stage, progressive particulate filtration and water removal.
  • Integrated, high-performance fuel transfer pump (for offloading and fuel recirculation).
  • Fully automated, flow control and monitoring devices with PLC-based digital controller.
  • NEMA Type-4 enclosed electrically actuated valves to control and direct the flow of fuel (from delivery truck to tank(s), or to recirculate and filter fuel from a specific tank).

Progressive Filtration and Conditioning typically includes:SmartFilter Internal

  • Coarse-particle straining through 100-mesh washable screens.
  • Pre-filtration through 10 micron disposable media filter.
  • Final filtration through 5 micron disposable media filter.
  • Water coalescing to 5 PPM.
  • Water separation and collection with built-in waste holding tank.

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