Product Spotlight: Simplex Trident Load Bank

Trident 2500This is a Simplex trailer-mounted Trident 2500 load bank. Rated at 2500KW, 480Vac, this load bank can tackle the biggest generator-testing jobs, while providing a solid build-quality for on-highway transportation.

This Trident 2500 is equipped with a dual-axle, heavy-duty highway trailer with electric brakes and a 3” pintle ring. The horizontal airflow design provides a low profile, and therefore a low center of gravity for stability while cruising to the job site. Once there, the low height again pays off by permitting access into low-ceiling spaces like parking garages.

This trailer is equipped with a Cam-Lok quick connect panel, accepting 4/0 cable (eight connectors per phase and three grounds). The panel includes female mating connectors for installing on customer-supplied cables. At this size, cable handling can be a real chore, but not with the supplied set of three (3) 12VDC motorized cable reels with lockable cover. Each reel holds approximately 750 feet of 1″ OD cable, with connectors attached. Deploying cables on-site is no longer a time-consuming mess.

On the controls side, the Simplex digital control panel provides easy-operation and simplified reporting for even quicker turn-around times at the job site. After all, load bank testing is always on demand, and efficiently getting in and out of each test site is key to a profitable operation.

Learn more about the wide range of load banks available from Simplex, or contact us for a price quote on your next load bank requirement.
Trident 2500Simplex Control Panel

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