Simplex Expands Load Bank Stock Program

Neptune Load BankSimplex has transferred manufacturing of the standard Neptune Load Bank product line to their facility in Atlanta, GA. These products will now be available from a stocking program over the entire kw range, 250-650kw. Product will be stocked in finished form to allow shipment in less than five days, or in partial assemblies that can be finished to order within two weeks. Inventory is now on hand for 480Vac Neptune load banks. Inventory for 208Vac units will soon follow.

A stock program is already in place for the Polaris and LBD product lines.  Looking ahead, Simplex plans to also transfer the Mars product line to the Atlanta facility, where it will also become a stock product.  This means that, soon, Simplex will have the kw range from 5 to 1250kw in the stationary line, and 5 – 500kw in the LBD line available as “stock-to-short lead time” products.

Simplex also now has Neptune, Mars and Saturn submittal drawings fully standardized and available for immediate delivery to our customers.

These updates pertain to the standard product line, as described in the standard brochure. Special derivatives will remain as build-to-order in Simplex’ Springfield, IL facility, and delivery will be quoted on a project-specific basis.

To learn more about Simplex load banks, please see our Load Bank Selection Guide, or visit Simplex, Inc.

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