Miratech’s prescription for NESHAP compliance: The RX Series

RX-SeriesMiratech’s RX Catalyst-Silencer Combo units are designed for natural gas, propane and diesel stationary engine applications. These housings bring together a cost-effective, high-performance catalytic converter and a noise abatement system.

Why use the RX Series?

  1. eliminates the need for separate catalyst and silencer housings. The RX combo provides emissions reduction and noise reduction, in a single package. Three grades of attenuation are available: RCS: 25-30dB(A), RHS: 30-35dB(A) and RES: 45-52dB(A).
  2. simpler, faster installation and reduced mounting requirements (for existing installations, the RX Series replaces the existing silencer).
  3. better performance for the engine. The RX combo provides efficient exhaust gas flow and minimizes exhaust system backpressure.
  4. built-in monitoring ports, and available with optional continuous parametric monitoring system (CPMS) to meet EPA monitoring requirements.
  5. designed for ease of maintenance with convenient catalyst element removal, and including Miratech’s free lifetime cleaning service for the catalyst element.

When the RX is up and running, you can bank on easier, and more efficient compliance with NESHAP regulations.

Want to learn more:

See a detailed Product Brochure.
Here is a Sample Drawing for an RHS design.

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