Response to Hurricanes Irma and Maria

Power lines toppled by Hurricane Maria in Humacao, PR. (Carlos Giusti/AP) is taking action to support the recovery efforts after hurricanes Irma and Maria, and I know I speak for all of the manufacturers that I represent, when I say that we are ready to help you, the people affected by these storms.

As a business, we are:

  1. reaching out to the government agency in charge of recovery efforts, and also to the local service-providers that are involved hands-on in the restoration of telecommunications and emergency power systems that are so critical to hospitals and other infrastructure in the affected areas.
  2. doing our best to ensure that we provide the most urgent treatment to any orders for equipment and/or spare parts required to support recovery efforts in South Florida, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean region. If you need to order equipment or spare parts for emergency relief efforts, please tag your request with “Hurricane Relief” so that we can identify it and respond accordingly.
  3. raising awareness with organizations such as the Electrical Generating Systems Association, which can be very helpful in providing additional human and material resources to expedite restoration of electrical services.

From a personal standpoint, having family, as well as many friends and clients in South Florida and Puerto Rico, I ask for anyone that is able to contribute, to please do so. There are many organizations doing good work, and I encourage you to do a bit of research and donate to ones that you find to be trustworthy. Here are two that I personally like:

American Red Cross

United for Puerto Rico

Thank you,

David Hurtado

  • Fuel tank and transfer pump ready to ship to Puerto Rico

    Update 10/14/17: Diesel fuel supply to emergency generators has become one of the critical issues to maintain hospitals, water pumping stations and other critical infrastructure in operation. Please be aware that we have been able to ship fuel day tanks in as little as 1 week. Please contact my office if your business or agency is in need of diesel fuel storage tanks, fuel transfer pumps or fuel filtration systems. We are also able to assist in the sourcing of small and large emergency generators for commercial or industrial applications (200kW to 3000kW).

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