About Specified.Works

Specified.Works by Hurtado.cc is a manufacturer’s representative for systems and components related to the on-site power generation industry. In this role, Specified.Works offers system design and technical sales support to consulting firms, equipment suppliers, and electrical/mechanical contractors. Specified.Works is focused in the construction of mission-critical facilities for healthcare, commercial, industrial, and governmental use.

With over 30-years experience in the on-site power generation industry, Specified.Works serves as an experienced partner delivering prompt advice and reliable solutions in the following areas:

  • Electrical systems such as UPS and DC power systems, generator test load banks, and portable generator docking stations.
  • Fuel supply systems, including bulk fuel storage tanks, generator day tanks, secondary-containment fuel piping, fuel transfer systems, and fuel quality maintenance systems.
  • Heat exchangers for a variety of applications in district heating & cooling, engine cooling, chemical and other industrial uses. Technologies include plate heat exchangers, shell & tube, and air-cooled radiators.
  • Engine exhaust systems, including noise-controlling silencers and emission reduction technologies.
  • Heat recovery systems for the production of hot water or steam from combined heat & power plants.

Contact us to see how Specified.Works can help you achieve your goals with experience, honesty, and value in every transaction. We look forward to earning your trust in a long-term and mutually-profitable business relationship.

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