Silencer Selection Guide

Use this Silencer Selection Guide to select a silencer model based on the configuration and attenuation characteristics required.  If you need a detailed sizing report, or need specific drawings in PDF or Autocad format, please contact us.

Cylindrical DesignModelAttenuation GradeInsertion Loss
(dbA Reduction, est.)
Cylindrical Silencer ArrangementM-SeriesIndustrial15-22
IRTS SeriesResidential - Low Pressure Drop22-27
RSL SeriesResidential18-22
SASR SeriesResidential Spark Arrestor18-25
VRS SeriesCritical18-32
VCSA SeriesSuper-Critical/Hospital Spark Arrestor30-42
VCS SeriesSuper-Critical/Hospital30-42
EXT SeriesExtreme45-52
Disk Design
(for limited ceiling height installations)
ModelAttenuation GradeInsertion Loss
(dbA Reduction, est.)
Disk Silencer InstallationCFH SeriesCritical28-40
SFH SeriesSuper-Critical/Hospital30-45
LPRS SeriesOval Extreme39-47
Impacter Design (for small engine aplications)ModelAttenuation GradeInsertion Loss
(dbA Reduction, est.)
HCY SeriesCritical20-30