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piping-installationPerma-Pipe is the largest manufacturer of pre-insulated piping systems in North America. Perma-Pipe provides review of engineered system designs, product selection assistance, and project management functions from estimating to on-site technical services for the following applications:

  • District Heating & Cooling (chilled water, hot water and steam)
  • Environmental & Industrial (fuel-oil, process steam piping, heat-traced process piping and cryogenic piping)
  • Leak Detection of Hazardous Fluids (chemicals, fuel, etc.)

Perma-Pipe products are sold to a broad base of clients including industrial, chemical and petroleum producers, government agencies, and institutions in the healthcare, education and transportation fields.

PermAlert ESP, a division of Perma-Pipe, Inc., manufactures and supplies leak detection/location systems  to satisfy the requirements for a variety of applications. The PAL-AT system monitors a sensor string of cable and/or probes to detect and locate liquid leakage. The LiquidWatch system monitors up to 64 probe points for tanks, low points, sumps and other applications.

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