Foxfab Power Solutions, Inc. is focused on being the North American leader in UL-listed generator and load bank connection products by dedicating itself to the highest level of customer satisfaction through quality and service.

Quality means attention to design, material selection, dimensional accuracy, finishing, aesthetics, inspection and packing. Service means competitive quotations, design suggestions for product improvement or price reduction, on-time delivery and immediate response to customer inquiries.

Specified.Works is pleased to offer design and technical sales support for the following Foxfab products:

  • Connection cabinets to allow quick and safe connection of portable generators and/or load banks to a commercial or industrial facility for compliance with NEC 700.3F.
  • Dual purpose and 3-way connection cabinets to allow connection of a permanent generator, a portable generator and a load bank, with all the necessary safety interlocks for safe transfer of power.
  • Service disconnect panels, and fused/non-fused manual transfer switches.

Product Line Range and Options:

  • 100A – 4000A
  • Pad Mount or Wall Mount
  • NEMA Type 1, 12, 3R, 3X, 4, and 4X
  • Aluminum, or Stainless Steel (304 or 316) Construction
  • Integrated Manual Transfer Switch
  • Built-in Circuit Breaker Protection
  • Keyed Interlocks
  • Distribution Circuit Breakers
  • Phase Rotation Relays, Custom Control Wiring, Metering

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