PAL-AT provides precise leak detection for below-ground pipe systems

PAL-ATPerma-Pipe’s PAL-AT is a state of the art leak detection cable system that locates potential problems anywhere along a sensor string. The primary feature of the PAL-AT system is its ability to “map” the entire length of a sensor cable, and then continuously monitor that sensing cable for the presence of a leak. In the event of a leak, a fault condition is registered (and alarmed), and a new map is created.  The system then continues to monitor against this new baseline to detect additional release events, or changes in the original event (for example, a leak area that grows in size).

The PAL-AT is often provided for secondary contained fuel-oil pipe systems, or any other application where quick and precise leak detection is required. When applied in a fuel-oil pipe system, the cable sensor is installed within the interstitial space of the secondary containment pipe.  The sensing cables are available in non-discriminating types which will sense the presence of water-based and hydrocarbon-based liquids, and they are also offered for hydrocarbon-sensing only (when water-based liquids are to be ignored).

ULTRA-FSAn important feature of the PAL-AT sensing cable is that it can be air-dried and re-used after exposure to a liquid.  The cables have no exposed metal parts and can be applied pipe system carrying corrosive chemicals.

Perma-Pipe offers the PAL-AT system in its Type-FS pre-engineered fuel oil piping system, and the product is listed by Florida’s DEP in their Approved Equipment List.

For more information, product installation manuals, and engineering specifications on Perma-Pipe’s PAL-AT, please follow this link, or contact us to review your next project. You may also wish to read this article on the Type-FS fuel-oil piping system.

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