These Simplex load banks will be roaming around South Florida soon!

If you live in South Florida, you may soon catch a glimpse of a couple of brand new load banks that we recently delivered to the area. The gray-colored unit is a Simplex Trident-1500 load bank rated for 1500kW at 480Vac. The white load bank is its bigger brother, a Trident-2500 rated for 2500kW at 480Vac. The Trident-2500 is equipped with motorized cable reels, a removable control panel, and anti-skid treatment on the deck surfaces. We are told that these load banks will be quite busy testing large emergency generators at hospitals and other facilities around South Florida.









You can learn more about the Simplex Trident family here, or better yet, follow the link below to request a proposal, and we’ll help you find the right load bank to grow your generator service business!

Test Load Bank RFP

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