Untapped Potential – Large Load Banks

Generator test services are a great profit center for electrical contractors and generator service organizations. It is no secret that the demand for generator test services has been strong for many years. While the number of service providers has no doubt increased in response to the demand, there are still pockets of opportunity within this market.

Where are the opportunities?

Virtually all new generator installations require load testing before being placed into service. This has turned portable load banks into a great source of revenue in the generator service and equipment rental market. If you are in this field, but looking to differentiate from your competition, I would suggest that you look at the large load bank market, where competition remains fairly limited.

As engine manufacturers increase the power output of their engines, larger on-site power generators are finding their way into municipal facilities, hospitals, and large commercial complexes. Whether during initial commissioning, or during quarterly/yearly testing, large load banks are a necessity for these projects and, in certain areas, there are just not enough of them deployed in the field to meet the demand.

How large is “large”?

Here are two examples of Simplex load banks designed for testing of large generators:

Simplex Solar-5 Load Bank

Solar-5 Load Bank
Resistive/inductive load bank designed with purpose-built container-style enclosure.
Rating: 5MVA, 4.0MW, 3.0MVAR
Learn more…

Simplex Vulcan Load Bank

Vulcan-5 Load Bank
Resistive load bank with trailer-mounted design.
Rating: 5MW module, capable of paralleling with other modules for unlimited capacity. Learn more…

Investing in this market

Managing a fleet of large load banks requires substantial investment of capital and human resources. These “costs” can be the barriers to entry that create opportunities for organizations willing to commit the necessary resources.

For organizations that are in this market, or wish to enter this market, you can count on Simplex to help you along the way. Here’s how!

  • Equipment Source: Simplex has been engaged in the manufacture of generator test load banks for over 50 years. Today it offers an ever-growing range of large load banks to customers worldwide. With plenty of capacity to accommodate custom requirements, Simplex load banks can be manufactured to suit most needs.
  • Training: Simplex can provide your technicians with training on new load bank systems, covering topics such as basic system connections, how to parallel multiple load bank units, configuring automated testing, suggested owner reports, and general troubleshooting. The goal is to get your staff comfortable with the equipment, so each service call can be profitable.
  • Support: For those complex projects that require specialized support, Simplex factory technicians are available to assist your staff in the field.

Are you considering the addition of a load bank for your service/rental fleet? Simplex has the product range and manufacturing experience to help you customize a load bank to suit your specific needs.

Go ahead and reach out to us. We are ready to help you grow your load bank business!

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