Expands La Marche Sales Representation is pleased to announce an expansion of its sales representation agreement with La Marche Mfg. Co. Effective 7/1/2017, will serve La Marche customers in all of Florida and Puerto Rico.

ESCR(V2.0)_featureFor many years, La Marche has been well-known in the power generation industry for its battery charger product line, featuring industry workhorses such as the A46 Series Mag-Amp battery charger. In more recent years, La Marche has carried on with its tradition of offering superior quality by introducing a series of excellent SCR-type chargers, such as the flexible and economical ESCR Series, and full-featured sophisticated designs like the microprocessor-based A77 Series.

In collaboration with leading battery manufacturers, La Marche also offers complete engine start battery systems utilizing valve-regulated lead-acid and nickel-cadmium batteries. You can count on La Marche for station batteries and chargers used in switchgear systems for emergency generator applications.

La Marche A-Series UPS

In addition to the power generation market, La Marche provides a broad range of high-frequency chargers, UPS systems, converters and inverters for the utility and telecom industries. These systems can be furnished complete with racks, full enclosures, circuit protective devices and other custom elements, as required for these applications.

If you are new to La Marche, or have not seen their more recent product introductions, please take a moment to see What’s New. I think you will be impressed. looks forward to servicing La Marche’s existing accounts, as well as developing new business opportunities with new customers in its service territory. For prompt attention to your specific project, help with product selection, and any pricing requests, please contact our office.

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