Introducing the Infinity 200 – A new load bank from Simplex

Infinity Load BankIf your company offers generator test services, we have some good news for you!  Simplex has just added the Infinity 200 to its family of small portable load banks.  This load bank is rated 200kw at 240v/480v, 3-phase (150kw at 208v/416v 3-phase, and 133kw at 240v, 1-phase).  All controls are via a hand-held touchscreen controller, which is connected to the load bank through an RS-232 network cable (supplied with the equipment).

The Infinity controller is pretty smart!  It allows you to enter an actual load value, up its max rating, and the load bank automatically goes to that setting.  Need a 120kW load?  Simply key in “120”.  Want to go down to a 60kW load?  Just enter “60” in the keypad.  No steps or toggle switches to operate.  What’s more, upon initial start-up, it will measure the applied voltage and will calibrate the loads to that voltage. Therefore, at intermediate voltages, such as 440v, 416v, 220v, 208v, the load bank controller calibrates for the reduced capacity. Within the capacity of the load bank, the load requested is the load applied. It’s that simple!

Another great feature: The Infinity load bank is designed to network with other Infinity and PowerStar load banks.  You can simply daisy- chain up to 40 units, and manage the whole network from the handheld controller of the first load bank.  Load is applied via the “master” controller’s keypad, and all instrumentation values for the total network are summed and displayed for you.

The Infinity-200 is highly portable and easily transported to the job site. The load bank weighs 200 lbs and includes casters as well as lifting and moving handles.  Additional features include UL listing for the United States and Canada, “Powr-Web” elements, branch circuit fuse protection, 150°C XLP insulated power wiring, Cam-Type power connectors and a comprehensive malfunction detection system with over-temperature and fan failure protection.

Want to learn more?  Here is the product literature on the Infinity 200.  You can also reach out to us for a price quote or see our Load Bank Guide for other load banks available from Simplex.

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