How to Fill a Fuel Tank Located High Above Ground

Mini SmartPumpThe Simplex Mini SmartPump is the perfect solution to allow filling of a fuel tank when said tank is installed high above ground, say in a parking garage or roof top.

The Mini SmartPump is a fuel fill station designed with an on-board fuel transfer pump and fuel level monitoring panel. The monitoring function protects against overfilling the tank, and the on-board pump provides fuel transfer to a fuel tank installed at virtually any height. The Simplex Mini SmartPump is approved by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) for leak detection, overfill prevention and spill containment. The Approval File is EQ#706.

A typical use for the Mini SmartPump might be in a high-rise building or condominium, where the emergency generator’s fuel tank is not easily accessible to the fuel delivery vehicle, and/or where the height of the fuel tank is beyond the reach of a truck-mounted fuel pump. For this application, the Simplex Mini SmartPump can be specified as follows:

Provide a Simplex Mini SmartPump Fuel Fill Station, m/n MSP-2, equipped with an integral pump and motor to deliver 25GPM to the fuel tank, as located in the plans. The fuel fill station shall be suitable for outdoor use and shall be approved for use as means to prevent an overfill condition. It shall also provide leak detection monitoring and shall contain any spills at the fill hose’ connection point. The fuel tank/sub-base fuel tank shall be equipped with two (2)  two-inch ports for installation of the fuel level sensor provided with the Mini SmartPump. All electrical connections between the fuel level sensor and the power feed circuit shall be made by the electrician on-site.

Have a different application in mind? The Mini SmartPump may be specified with higher flow rates, suitable for 1-phase or 3-phase power circuits. It can even be configured to fill multiple tanks through a single Mini SmartPump. Learn more about selecting a fuel fill station for your specific project by reviewing the following articles and product details:

Tank Filling System Manual

You can request a proposal for a Mini SmartPump here. Or, if you need technical support in selecting the right product for your next project, feel free to contact our office for help.

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