Are you familiar with these Simplex fuel port variants?

FuelPort CollageSimplex fuel fill stations are used to fill diesel or gasoline fuel tanks from a remote location.  Perhaps the fuel tank is behind a building or inaccessible to the fuel delivery truck.  In commercial and residential high-rises, smaller emergency generator tanks (belly tanks) are often installed inside buildings and even on rooftops.  A Simplex fuel port allows an easy point-of-connection for the delivery truck, while providing a safe manner to conduct the filling operation.  While you may be familiar with Simplex’ FuelPort and SmartPump products, are you aware of these variants for special installations?


Designed to provide fuel filtration as the fuel is offloaded from the fuel tanker truck.  This is a cost-effective way to ensure that contaminated fuel never reaches your fuel storage system.  As a bonus, the system can be configured to recirculate and filter fuel from the tanks, therefore removing water and contaminants on a regular basis (why is this important?).  This system is ideal for large fuel farms at data centers, hospitals or other mission-critical facilities that store large volumes of fuel.

Compact Auto FuelPort

Commonly used where space is at a premium (commercial and residential developments, for example).  The system can be wall-mounted or mounted to an optional 3″ post assembly with base.  The Compact Automatic FuelPort incorporates the same features of the full-size Automatic FuelPort, except for the smaller spill containment basin (7 gal. vs 20 gal.)

Mini SmartPump

Ideal for installations that cannot rely on truck-mounted pump to deliver fuel to an elevated fuel tank (fuel tank on upper floor or rooftop).  Similar to the full-size SmartPump, the “mini” version includes a built-in pump which can be ordered to meet specific flow rates at any given head pressure.  The Mini SmartPump is perfect for filling smaller tanks that do not require the higher fuel transfer rates of the standard SmartPump.

Flush-mount FuelPort

Available in the basic FuelPort design, or in the Automatic or Mini SmartPump models, the “flush-mount” option includes a flange that allows installation “through the wall”.  With the fuel port “flush” to the wall, sidewalks and other pedestrian traffic areas remain unobstructed.  The outlet piping exits through the rear of the cabinet (instead of the top), and the control panel (when applicable) is set up as a separate item (flush mount also) with an easy-connect wiring harness.

All of these products are approved for use in the State of Florida and have the required FDEP EQ approval numbers on file.  If you would like to learn more about these products, please see the following resources:

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