New! Updated ESCR Battery Charger for Genset Applications

ESCR (V2.0)

The La Marche ESCR battery charger utilizes microprocessor-controlled SCR charging technology. This charger is designed specifically for maintaining and recharging engine-start batteries for generator sets, and is suitable for use with flooded lead-acid, VRLA and nickel-cadmium batteries.

The ESCR V2.0 offers upgraded features and components, and is available for order now, with shipments beginning in December 2019.

Updated features include:
  • Battery test / battery fault detection.
  • Conformal-coated circuit boards.
  • High voltage shutdown.
  • UL-1236, CE, IBC, OSHPD and ABS certified.
  • 5-Year product warranty.
  • See the full list of upgraded features.
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