How to Specify: Simplex Radiator-mounted Load Bank


Simplex radiator-mounted load banks (available in ratings up to 1250kW, up to 600Vac) provide the means to conveniently test an emergency generator by having the load bank permanently installed and connected to the generator. A Simplex LBD Series load bank is a very cost-effective solution because it relies on the engine radiator’s airflow for cooling … Read more

Product Announcement: Harco Manufacturing Co. is pleased to announce the addition of Harco Manufacturing Co. to its power generation equipment product line. Harco’s 75-year-long history in the manufacture of engine exhaust systems brings more of the quality products and technical support that you have come to expect from For diesel and gas engine exhaust applications, standard or custom … Read more

How to Specify: Foxfab Generator/Load Bank Connection Cabinet

Foxfab connection cabinets provide a safe and convenient way to connect portable generators and/or load banks to a facility’s emergency power system. This article will help you specify a connection cabinet for your application. Take these 3-steps to specify a Foxfab Power Solutions Connection Cabinet: If this project requires a permanent load bank, you may … Read more

Foxfab Power Solutions teams up with

Foxfab Connection Cabinet is pleased to announce the addition of Foxfab Power Solutions to its power generation equipment product line. You can now count on for technical sales support on Foxfab’s wide range of UL-listed generator and load bank connection cabinets. From simple docking stations to NEC 700.3F-compliant transfer switchboards, Foxfab has a solution! Learn more … Read more