Application Focus: Perma-Pipe Ultra-FS for Process Piping Systems

Ultra-FS Perma-Pipe’s ULTRA-FS™ piping is ideally-suited for process piping systems in pharmaceuticals facilities, waste-water treatment plants, and other facilities handling corrosive or otherwise hazardous fluids.

ULTRA-FS™ is a prefabricated, secondary containment piping system consisting of a fiberglass-clad steel conduit protecting inner service pipe(s). This system is very rugged and suitable for installation below grade with no need for cathodic protection.

In its typical configuration for process piping systems, ULTRA-FS™ is specified with a smooth wall, minimum 10-gauge steel conduit, protected with a 100-mils thick filament wound fiberglass cladding. The internal service pipe can consist of single or multiple stainless steel pipes (i.e.: supply/return lines).

As a pre-engineered product, ULTRA-FS™ provides prefabricated elbows with special angles and tangent lengths, tees, inspection ports, and other special job-specific piping requirements. Field fabrication is therefore reduced, resulting in a simpler and more reliable installation.

Optional features include protective coatings for the exterior of the service pipe(s), integral leak detection and electric heat tracing.

To learn more about Perma-Pipe’s Ultra-FS™ piping, please contact our office or see these additional resources:

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