La Marche Introduces A-Series UPS Product Line

La Marche has released the new A-Series UPS System (AUPS), an uninterruptible power supply system designed to utilize separate rectifier and inverter components, which allow for simplicity in sizing the system, and flexibility in configuring each component as required.

Technical highlights for this product include:

  • ratings up to 15kVA.
  • a fast static transfer switch that can be configured to have either the inverter or the alternate source as the primary source.
  • a rotary make-before-break manual bypass switch.
  • a pure sine wave inverter to provide reliability through transistor switching and a ferro-resonant transformer which has inherent voltage regulation, output filtering and overload protection.
  • the rectifier (charger) section uses controlled ferro-resonant technology, with separate adjustable voltage settings for float and equalize. It provides high efficiency, high power factor, short circuit protection, and an integral alarm package.

The La Marche A-Series UPS systems are available in many AC voltage ratings and with DC bus voltages up to 125Vdc. Along with separate Form-C alarm contacts for each of the rectifier and inverter sections, A-Series UPS systems also provide remote monitoring capabilities via DNP3 and Modbus protocols.

For more information on this product, please visit La Marche, or contact our office.

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